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It’s my personal timeline. Through these biggest moments. My whole life has been changed. Look back on my life story.

Music Video C.G Designer, Technical Writer

Joined to produce around 30 music videos as CG Artist. and wrote two photoshop books and Tutorial of Aftereffects, Premiere as Technical writer.

Independent Planner, Convention

Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme 2004 in Jeju, APEC in Busan, The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) Summit 2005 in Busan.

Entertainment Industries, Marketer, U.X
Project Director & Editor-in-Chief at Melon Music Service | SK Telecom & Danzi Media, Weekly Digital Music, building Microsoft Window Vista Website using 3d figure animation and Special offline Magazine
Global Marketing, Innovative Consultant

Global Mobile phone Marketing of LG Electronics, Rebuilding Seoul city slogan and Official website for foreign people, TV commercials of Seoul Metropolitan Government With 3D Image Processing Technology on CNN, Language Translation Engine through Collective intelligence & Application Social Trans Net

Government Innovation policy specialist, Creative Business Designer

The 6th (2014 ~ 2018) Planning Committee for the Korea’s innovation in industrial technology, KIAT Policy Planning and Development report | Industrial technology and Culture project Execution plan 2012 | Proposal of cultural approach plan to make industrial technology foundation for the increase of 20s Entrepreneurs, The Planning Committee of Tech+ Global Conference

Hardware Startup, Social Innovation Table

FDM Type 3D Printer with Innovative Nozzle system in Korea, Cardboard Educational 3D Printer KIT named Mannequin, Flexible and transparent material for 3d Printing, Meet the table, America to Asia (AtoA) Table 2015

Junhwan Paul Kang is a founder and Principal partner of BigC.
It’s an official abbreviation of Project-Centered BIG Community which makes a creative, borderless quality connection through a couple of hybrid programs simultaneously, fulfilling broad educational functions, specific design functions and developing commercial market activities. In addition, It’s offering the quality connection to qualified Companies and the borderless entrepreneurship opportunities around the globe.

He is responsible for the BigC.’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning, Junhwan Paul has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through clarifying structure with thoughtful program design. As a result, BigC. has built the cultivating system with creative storytelling and plenty of project ideas for the aspiring entrepreneurs from women, immigrant, and international startups, to teens, adults, and communities with a creative passion.

Prior to moving to New York City, Junhwan Paul was a part of the startup Opencreators, which developed two types of Open-source based 3d printer and spent three years to be an advisor and project director for increasing global brand awareness of Seoul City. and He was a member of the committee which has served for The 6th Korea’s Innovative Plan in technology and industry 2014 – 2018 and The 2nd Cultural Technology program of Korean Government.


BigC. and Cosmic StatioN Corp


New York, NY


Make the inevitable visible


Mixed and creative Business Development from government, enterprise companies and startups, 3D Printing Technology and 3D Image Processing Technology Prominent Expertise related to the Internet of Everything (IOE)


#Business, #Technology, #Connecting, #Education, #Market, #Asia, #Dinning, #Photography, #Bible

Junhwan Paul gratefully walks together with my friends while making the inevitable visible.