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Junhwan Paul Kang is a founder and Principal partner of BigC.
It’s an official abbreviation of Project-Centered BIG Community which makes a creative, borderless quality connection through a couple of hybrid programs simultaneously, fulfilling broad educational functions, specific design functions and developing commercial market activities. In addition, It’s offering the quality connection to qualified Companies and the borderless entrepreneurship opportunities around the globe.

He is responsible for the BigC.’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning, Junhwan Paul has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through clarifying structure with thoughtful program design. As a result, BigC. has built the cultivating system with creative storytelling and plenty of project ideas for the aspiring entrepreneurs from women, immigrant, and international startups, to teens, adults, and communities with a creative passion.

Prior to moving to New York City, Junhwan Paul was a part of the startup Opencreators, which developed two types of Open-source based 3d printer and spent three years to be an advisor and project director for increasing global brand awareness of Seoul City. and He was a member of the committee which has served for The 6th Korea’s Innovative Plan in technology and industry 2014 – 2018 and The 2nd Cultural Technology program of Korean Government.

Junhwan Kang is a creative entrepreneur, writer, speaker, technology policy specialist and nonprofit Campaign planner, He has top-level knowledge and insight of practical networks in global industries. he has 18 years of work experience in diverse industries and has is adept at public speaking, having delivered presentations in numerous global conferences. he has graciously shared his knowledge to professionals looking to promote their own visions by authoring books and writing columns in magazines and research reports.

After moving to New York from Seoul, Korea, Junhwan Paul Kang (畯煥, 姜) has started the new project named “BigC” school, a project-centered entrepreneurial table school which has been on a mission to practice business by empowering to Participate in the Project, large and small, with the offering of the business idea and the intensive help of global professionals on our platform of the easy-to-join project.

It was planned to help the passionate and potential entrepreneurs with no ideas and organizations which seeking new business opportunities in the business, government, education, healthcare, and social sectors innovate and grow in sustainable ways.

Prior to BigC entrepreneurial school, He had plenty of work experiences in diverse industries and has is adept at public speaking, having delivered presentations in numerous global conferences. he has graciously shared his knowledge to professionals looking to promote their own visions by authoring books and writing columns in magazines and research reports. and he was a principal partner of OpenCreators and a prominent member of a 3D printing developing team which has developed award-winning 3D Printers and flexible materials in Asia. An advocate of the disruptive business model, He has seen the future of manufacturing and envisions it as a third industrial revolution. In this vein, he has been actively introducing various 3D printing technology via numerous public speaking engagements and exhibitions,

and Junhwan Kang founded and ran Cosmic Station & Associates which had specialized in innovative User experience (UX) methodology-based marketing and business development with 3D imaging processing technology as its backbone. This company enabled Global Enterprise Companies and various ministries of the Korean government, Seoul City, three multinational advertising agencies and global media to design their customized creative business strategies across borders. For instance, Mr. Kang’s company, Cosmic Station & Associates produced a film & Application introducing LG the first full touchable screen technology to the global Market. Another example, Cosmic Station & Associates created a promotional film and online website introducing the feature of Seoul to the world.

Mr. Kang’s interests also include the nonprofit sector and community, as he is an altruistic individual who seeks to promote understanding between diverse peoples. So, He has joined a various NGO and the events of Nonprofitable organizations since 2003. For instance, He joined Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme as IT & Online Project Manager. In addition that four years ago, Mr. Kang independently founded a nonprofit offline and online community, Meet The Table (MTTT). MTTT gives people efficient and effective solutions to pursue both professional and personal endeavors. The group consists of 800 professionals from around the world, and meetings are held in small and large groups each month. There is also a website for MTTT which is available on the web and open to all. Mr. Kang firmly believes in the notion that whenever individuals are blocked and faced with obstacles, MTTT lends efficient support with marketing, technology, human networking and creative business designs and solutions.

The approach of the organization focuses primarily on establishing connections between professionals in the USA and Asian countries. Following the success of MTTT, one year ago, Mr.Kang created America to Asia Table 2015. The purpose of AtoA Table 2015 is to shine the light on the plight of South Korean makers and Startup Companies and close the distance between the people in America and the rest of the world. His primary objective is to increase empathy on the part of people around the world about the familiar situation in business field through Virtual reality technology and imaging processing technology. Mr. Kang has already begun the work of reaching out to colleagues in Europe to see if the idea of VRT can become a reality.