Junhwan Paul Kang | First 3D Printer in your life
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First 3D Printer in your life

I organized the campaign entitled First 3D printer in your life in new york. Unlikely enormous medias covered about 3D printer and the future. the most of the people have never experienced  it. Due to this gap, The unexpected prediction has been caused a lot. Therefore, Such a fantasy about 3D printing technology sometimes makes people disappointed and indifference about the inevitable thing to be able to change the whole life in near future. So, I planned this campaign for people to face the real 3D Printer. and recorded their response and interviewed how the normal people think of 3D printer.
Concept : The First 3D Printer to Anywhere
• We gathered 11 people with the various backgrounds, Jobs, and diversities.
• Interviewed and filmed people who never seen 3D printer individually
• After showed how 3D Printer was working for the first time, recorded their reactions.
• After the recording, Filmed the people’s response in the studio
1. Sivan Arbel | Jazz singer | Israel
2. Brian Hagan | Business Developer | U.S
3. Caroline R. Cullere | Startup | France
4. Sophie Cazalas | lawyer | France
5. Ricardo Setka | The Ottinger Firm | U.S
6. Svetlana Tikhonova | Energy | Russia
7. Stephanie | CFO Jazz Agency | U.S
8. Adriana Fajardo Montes | Dancer | Colombia
9. Ahmad Reza | Engineer | Iran
10. Selena Gonzalez | Student | U.S
11. Chars Cheddar | Saxophone Manufacture | Israel
Laura Kolbe Dotterer
Junhwan Paul Kang



March 8, 2016


Campaign, Technology