Junhwan Paul Kang | Skin care and Work-out management system with microcurrunt
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Skin care and Work-out management system with microcurrunt

Column | Microcurrent Signal and Health Care service

Magazine | Tech & Future | 2012, Volume 03


Current Column is related to New business design method with Healthcare technology is called microcurrent waveform, It’s kind of electricity signal and is an electrotherapeutic modality that uses low levels of electrical current (less than one mAmp) to facilitate circulation and cellular healing or to reduce pain or edema.

Mr, Kang wrote how to design the radical business idea with technology related to Healthcare and under engaging into User Experience. This idea’s feasibility was not mattered for him when He wrote this column. because New business ideas would often be created as a result of training and the check of various possibilities in the other view. and He reviewed this technology in not business development of cosmetic companies but seek the new opportunity in Sports and Outdoor industries.

The features of this column

Preference,  Every smartphone generate electric currents around the part of earphone hole.

One, For the skin improvement effect, Our skin should impose under microcurrent for 30 minutes per a day. Also,  People may require the six-month period to see a remarkable improvement.

Two. In the view of combining smartphone health care apps and the microcurrent management. He designed revolutionary product and business idea to collaborate with Fitness club or Running machine manufacturers. While people exercise on a running machine for 30 minutes, They have no choice but to run except listening music. So, They would consider another care service if It leads user’s skin or hair to make good.

In this reasonable assumption, I made a quick prototype of products and new business model. besides, He compared this idea with a couple of existed products, Such as Nike Plus, Adidas Micoach focused in movement measurement and management. These competitors are just focusing on the device. They didn’t consider human being experience.

Product Spec

  • Smartphone : microcurrent through earphone
  • App on smartphone  : Exercise management and Skin Care
  • Hardware : Control average generation of current
  • Lubricating cream: micro-current to be able to accelerate the flow gives good.

Publisher | Future & Tech

Future & Tech Magazine Founded in 2010 by YongGeun Kim, Former President of KIAT, This Magazine has been designed and published in order to develop a better understanding about the future with the core of operations. Academics, designers, hackers, coders, and educators collaborate to the study of technology.

Translation in English

Since I was ignorant of micro current, I had to search and analyze related facts using various routes. As a result, I realized that it cannot be seen significantly because it is a technology used in diverse products since long time ago. By the end of all discussions, I had an immediate question mark about what the big case is supposed to do. I naively asked the owner of the small enterprise, “What is this case supposed to do?”.

The answer to that question was that it has a role of generating electric currents and has a battery in it. I had no choice but to naturally ask back saying, “Is that everything it has?”.

After all, meetings were over, when I went out to eat dinner alone, I saw her working out on the treadmill. She was wearing a tracksuit, armband, and listening through something on iPhone through earphones. And by catching a glimpse, I kind of noticed that an application related to workouts was running on her smartphone.

Now we are beginning a radical business design based on technology. Rather than discussing the realizability, we will focus more on whether it makes sense or not. One of the factors needed in business designing along with imagination is the ability to build up a storyline, and this is achievable through practices. And systematic examination and inspection are needed for various potential items created through those practices in order to connect them to real businesses.



Inspection Content

  1. Earphones connected to smartphones generate electric currents. Then, if it can control uniform current capacity, there is no need for a big case that contains a battery.


  1. Since the procedure of improving skin condition through microcurrent takes about 6 months of exposure to micro currents, it needs a combination with an exercise routine.


  1. Perform an analysis of the workout management application with a perspective of believing the availability of combining smartphone’s workout management application and micro currents.



Nike produced ‘Nike Plus’ products in cooperation with Apple in 2006 based on the idea that people enjoy listening to music while they jog. If there are linkage devices such as iPod Touch or iPhone on the Nike running shoes or kinematic measurement sensor, it is able to check workout time, consumed calories, distance, and speed in real time.


After the workout, the workout result could be saved on the Nike Plus website. On this website, workout procedures can be checked and workout goals can be set, and these can be compared with other people’s information.

Adidas published a work rate measurement product called My Coach.


Its main feature is telling the user whether his or her heart rate has reached the target training zone by using a pulse meter. There are two types of My Coach product: My Coach Pacer and My Coach Zone.


We will now be building an imaginary Big IDEA. Information we have examined so far is that microcurrents can improve skin beauty and many workout management application companies including some global companies are still relying too much on people’s voluntary will for constitutional improvements and high workout effectiveness although these companies are developing services combined with hardware.


But the product that we have in mind at this point is something that provides both workout management and skin improvement.



Contents of the Developed Products

  1. Smartphone: Generates electric currents through earphones.
  2. Smartphone Apps: Workout management and skin improvement
  3. Hardware: Unifies electric current generation and makes it attachable to skin.
  4. Lubrication cream Promotes the flow of micro currents.


Smartphone apps could be distributed in both free and charged versions. Instead of giving limits to the free version, providing a differentiated management and points and forming package contents based on goal setting will make it able to build a community.


Other than that, by the nature of workout, the product can be expanded through health-related franchise and co-work with the running event of large scale brands which has been trendy recently. In business design perspective, number 3 will be one of many ways of creating profits in an initial sale. But a temporary hardware selling cannot be the factor to survive a competitive business field. Thus, it is necessary to develop an item that could be consistently purchased and consumed. The result of this concern is the lubrication cream that promotes the flow of micro currents.


Of course, we will need a reasoning and demonstration that will persuade others that using lubrication cream will bring big differences, but it is definitely a necessary approach in a long-term view.


Capsule coffee has been a popular item recently. It will be a good idea to think whether companies such as Nespresso or Lavazza earn more profit by selling capsules or by selling coffee machines.


Considering all information discussed above, if the developer’s side leads the current business it needs to proceed the business with the combination of distributors, and if the business design has to be built with a planner’s perspective, then it will be important to build up a persuasive logic that tells why the project without a developer should be selected.


There are no projects or products that could only be completed with technologies, and the principle of collaboration is needed since it is necessary to cooperate with other individuals or companies in the procedure. Additionally, an essential job when cooperating with other people and companies will be a coordinator.


The coordinator will have extensive knowledge of other types of industries and will be performing a role as a bridge that fills up a gap that is formed by the same idea expressed through different language. Lastly, if you question “Why do we have to design converged products and care about consumer community”, then the answer to this question will be that the competition gets fiercer and the technology duplication of the company’s product will become easier.

Thus, it must be presupposed that creating a differentiated product that combined product planning through technology, content, and service is the only way to bring long-term competitiveness. Also, the sweet fruit of success will come to us only if we design the whole procedure of building ideas, planning, development, production, and selling, and generate an unfailing business model that has windows for profit creation for each step.


September 14, 2012